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Grayland, Washington is located approximately 7 miles south of Westport. The community is home to many fishermen, cranberry farmers, and people who love the beach. It's a great place to visit, and has several unique businesses. If you have plans to visit the coast, be sure to visit the Cranberry Coast. We are between the Willapa Bay and Grays Harbor.


Grayland WA, population 1776.
The Center of the Cranberry Coast.

A small community along State Hwy 105 on the beautiful Washington Coast, Grayland is the heart of the "Cranberry Coast."  There are many Cranberry Bogs that were started by the Finnish farmers nearly 150 years ago.  The Historic Grayland Community Hall was built by the Finnish people in the 1930's and it is still used today for the annual Cranberry Harvest Festival, Driftwood Show, Christmas Bazaar, and many community events and festivals.

Westport is approximately 7 miles to the north. It is a fishing village with charter boats fresh seafood, shops and restaurants. Here you will find the tallest lighthouse on the Washington Coast - 107 ft tall built in 1898. The Maritime Museum has on display the Fresnel lens, which was located in the lighthouse on Destruction Island. The lens was manufactured in 1888 It is a first order lens.

Tokeland is approximately 7 miles to the south. Here you will find the Shoalwater Bay Casino, the friendliest little casino on the coast. There is also a small Marina, an RV Resort on the Willapa Bay and a Hotel built in 1855.

An enormous stretch of 18 miles of beach is flat, sand covered, and patched with spiky grasses.  Stand at the edge of the ocean and take a big breath until your lungs nearly burst, and your cares will fly with the wind.  No noise other than the sound of the gulls and the muted dull roar of the surf.

The residents are as steady and relentless as the ocean.  Lots of them operate their own roadside businesses, cafes, small groceries, gift/antique shops, motels/cabins and camping/RV parks.  Nothing fancy about the town or it's residents.  Just friendly folk.

Come, take a stroll on the beach, fly a kite, try our Cranberry cuisine, or just relax.

Cranberry Coast of Washington..Westport, Grayland, Tokeland, Bay City, Markham, North Cove,Ocasta.

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